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My name is Meghan Clarke, and I am a sales executive, published author, and certified Executive Coach.

I’m driven to help you navigate the world of sales management.

I want to help you create a solid toolbox of tools and templates that work. A blueprint on how to successfully coach a sales team, while simultaneously building confidence in your leadership abilities.

There is no training that can fully prepare you for a job in sales management. However, there are pieces of training and teachings that I have learned through personal experience that I want to share with you. I want you to have the career you have always dreamed of. A SKYSCRAPER of a career, that is limitless and built on a strong foundation to withstand anything that comes its way.


Where it all Started...

I was born and raised in Orange County, California. Growing up I was a competitive athlete and played volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball.


At the age of 18 I moved to Miami, FL to take a volleyball scholarship at a small school called Barry University in North Miami. The team I was on won a Division II National Championship and at the same time I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Minor in Public Relations.

The start to my career certainly was filled with challenges and obstacles. My first sales position was selling uniforms. Eventually I was able to get my start in medical sales.


For the past 19 years I have been in multiple sales roles and management positions in the pharmaceutical, medical device, physician services and biologic sectors of the healthcare industry.

Building My Career...

My true passion in my career started when I moved to Houston, TX to manage my first sales team.

While leading my first team I simultaneously earned an Executive MBA at Texas A&M.

Turning around underperforming representatives, territories and revenues has been one of the most consistent achievements in my career.

With the increasing amount of accolades, awards and promotions I found myself more and more lost. Even though on paper it looked like I had it all.

I was feeling disillusioned and empty inside.

My path ultimately led me to seek my own professional coach. My life transformed through verbalization, visualizing and taking action on the life I ultimately wanted to achieve.


My Coaching Journey...

When I started my work with a Professional Coach in 2017 I was ready to take a deep dive in my life and put the hard work into accomplishing my goals.

Self- reflection in a safe and supportive environment made all the difference in the direction that I wanted to take my career. If it were not for the work I did with a Professional Coach I would not have so quickly achieved becoming a Senior Executive, writing my first book, and ultimately becoming a Professional Coach myself.

Despite the profusion of self-appointed “coaches,” the profession requires specialized training. My clients benefit from the intensive Professional Coaching program I have completed at the University of Miami.


I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and diligently adhere to their Code of Ethics.

Successful results depend on a deep and authentic collaboration between the coach and client. I welcome the opportunity to go on this journey with you.

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“Meghan has innate leadership skills that has led to transformational results in the organizations she has worked for.  As a sales leader, she uses her proven coaching tools to take her management and sales teams to another level of performance.”

D. Gildea- Medical Sales Healthcare Executive

Testimonials from past clients...

“Meghan was a huge asset to me professionally and personally in her role as my manager. She helped me facilitate growing my territory by putting in place accountability reports, coaching tools and expectations that yielded tremendous revenue growth. Her support, positive encouragement and professional development skills are second to none.”
C. Neel – Former Sales Representative

Image by Kieran Taylor

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