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Tales From the Passenger's Seat
A Sales Manager's Journey

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Hello fellow managers or managers to be, I'm Meghan

My hunch is if you have made it down to this section of this website, then we probably have something in common. Whatever brought you to this site, first, let me state that I am really glad that you are here. Why?


Because if you are a sales representative who wants to get into sales management and has no idea what that entails, a first-time sales manager without the tools or teachings to effectively manage a team, or an experienced manager who may not have gotten the foundational training to lead a team then I can absolutely say that I was once in your shoes!

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I'm Meghan Clarke. I have 20+ years of experience in sales and sales management. That terrified first-time manager is now a sales executive in the medical industry, a published author, a certified executive coach, and the creator of a management academy. I love being a sales leader and helping other sales managers grow their skyscrapers of careers. Hopefully, after looking over the resources from this site, we can work together to build your confidence and competence as a sales leader.

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