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My name is Meghan Clarke, and I am a sales executive, published author, and certified Executive Coach.

I’m driven to help you navigate the world of sales management.

I want to share with you a story—a story of my journey from a Sales Representative to what I now proudly call myself, a Sales Management Champion. My path has been winding, filled with challenges, achievements, and an unwavering desire to empower others in the world of sales management.


Early Beginnings

I was born and raised in the vibrant Orange County, California, where I thrived as a competitive athlete. Volleyball, basketball, soccer, and softball were not just sports for me; they were the foundation of discipline and teamwork. At 18, I embarked on a new adventure, moving to Miami, FL, to pursue a volleyball scholarship at Barry University. During those years, I not only became a part of a team that won a Division II National Championship but also earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing with a Minor in Public Relations.

Navigating Sales

My career journey took off with its fair share of challenges. I began my professional life selling uniforms, but I always knew something more awaited me. Eventually, I found my niche in medical sales, which became my professional home for the next 20+ years. I have held various roles in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, physician services, and biologics within the healthcare industry.

Passion and Growth

My true passion for sales management ignited when I moved to Houston, TX, to manage my first sales team. Here, I embarked on another academic journey, pursuing an Executive MBA at Texas A&M. This journey equipped me with invaluable insights and skills that would later play a pivotal role in my career. Among my proudest accomplishments was my consistent ability to turn around underperforming representatives, territories, and revenues.


Seeking Purpose

Yet, despite the external recognition, accolades, and promotions, I knew there had to be more to my journey to help others beyond just the sales team members I managed. I wanted to do more!  This realization led me to a turning point, where I sought the guidance of my own professional coach. This transformative experience allowed me to verbalize my aspirations, visualize my goals, and take meaningful action toward the life I wanted to create. This is when I realized I wanted to continue my leadership career in my corporate life and become a professional coach.  Also, write a book to help other sales managers never feel like an imposter or unequipped for the position like I did when I first started.

Becoming a Coach

In 2017, I decided to dive deep into my own life and goals, setting off on a journey that would lead me to become a Senior Executive, a published author, and eventually, a Certified Executive Coach. Self-reflection within a safe and supportive coaching environment made all the difference in the direction I wanted to take in my career. This transformative process opened doors I could never have imagined.

Becoming an Author

In March of 2021, I published the book Skyscraper M.A.N.A.G.Ement, a sales management 101 book to help managers learn the fundamentals through my 14+ years of experience in sales management. These are essential teachings, tools, and templates I wish I had had when I started my leadership career.

Your Journey with Me

And now, I am thrilled to introduce you to my latest venture—the Skyscraper M.A.N.A.G.Ement Academy, where you can take your sales management skills to the next level. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to connecting with you all.

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City Sky

C. Neel-Former Sales Representative

“Meghan was a huge asset to me professionally and personally in her role as my manager. She helped me facilitate growing my territory by putting in place accountability reports, coaching tools and expectations that yielded tremendous revenue growth. Her support, positive encouragement and professional development skills are second to none.”

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