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Are you a first-time sales manager who has yet to receive management training?

Or a sales manager who received training that was not real-world or customized to your position?

A CEO, VP of Sales, or HR professional who needs templates, training, and tools for your sales managers that they can implement immediately to coach a team to success?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place!

Discover the fundamentals to ultimately build confidence and competence to build a solid career in leadership. Forbes estimates that nearly 60% of all new sales managers never received sales management training before stepping into their roles.

WHY SKYSCRAPER? With any profession, training is crucial to success. I want to arm you with the knowledge and tools so you can build a skyscraper of a career in sales m.a.n.a.g.ement.

WHY THE ACRONYM M.A.N.A.G.E? In my 14+ years in sales management positions, I have found that to manage yourself and others to success as a leader lies in building a foundation around these six areas: MEANING, ACUMEN, NURTURE, ACCOUNTABILITY, G.S.D. getting stuff done, and EMPATHY.

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eaning or your “why” is vital to understand as a sales manager. It will catalyze personal fulfillment, motivation, career alignment, and resilience when times get tough in your leadership career.


cumen is essential for sales managers to navigate the complexities of the sales environment, make informed decisions, and drive the success of their team and the organization.


urturing a sales team fosters a positive and productive environment. Ultimately developing individual and collective capabilities.


ccountability is essential for sales managers as it drives performance, fosters transparency and trust, and promotes continuous improvement. It ensures the sales team's efforts align with the organization’s strategic objectives.


etting Stuff Done (G.S.D.) and being efficient is important both professionally and personally for a sales manager.  Efficiency and effectiveness directly impact the team’s ability to achieve sales goals, optimize resources, and boost team morale. Also, it helps create a work/life balance for managers.


mpathy as a sales manager creates a foundation of trust, improved communication, motivation, development, and ultimately retainment of a team.

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Resources for Sales Managers

The Book

SKYSCRAPER M.A.N.A.G.Ement is Meghan's comprehensive guide for those that want to get into sales management, first-time or tenured managers. The core principles of sales management are delivered in a step-by-step process that are easy to implement and will produce immediate results.

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The Academy

The SKYSCRAPER M.A.N.A.G.Ement Academy is Meghan Clarkes’ comprehensive course for those who want to get into sales management, first-time managers, or those managers who want to add new tools and templates to their leadership repertoire.

The Calendar

SKYSCRAPER M.A.N.A.G.Ement Calendar is Meghans Digital or Physical Calendar to help you plan your year as a manager! The calendar reviews all the critical manager activities and their definitions. There is an example of a month in the life of a manager and when to schedule these key activities. Plus there is a section for your goals & key objectives for the month! Get your copy now.

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Free Coaching Templates

Download three free coaching templates that can help your daily management activities. The One-on-One template, Skyscraper Coaching Report blank template, and Personal Communication Guide. Learn how to use these templates under the resources tab.

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Hello fellow managers or managers to be, I'm Meghan

My hunch is if you have made it down to this section of this website, then we probably have something in common. Whatever brought you to this site, first, let me state that I am really glad that you are here. Why?


Because if you are a sales representative who wants to get into sales management and has no idea what that entails, a first-time sales manager without the tools or teachings to effectively manage a team, or an experienced manager who may not have gotten the foundational training to lead a team then I can absolutely say that I was once in your shoes!

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I'm Meghan Clarke. I have 20+ years of experience in sales and sales management. That terrified first-time manager is now a sales executive in the medical industry, a published author, a certified executive coach, and the creator of a management academy. I love being a sales leader and helping other sales managers grow their skyscrapers of careers. Hopefully, after looking over the resources from this site, we can work together to build your confidence and competence as a sales leader.

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K Steely-Healthcare Executive

"In order to fully grasp not only the effectiveness but drive and motivation that Meghan possess, you must work with her. While some speak to certain qualities and characteristics, Meghan embodies the whole essence of great leadership."

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SKYSCRAPER M.A.N.A.G.Ement™ is your blueprint to building a foundation for your sales management career.

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