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“Are you nuts for
wanting a job in sales management?!”

Careerbuilder recently did a study that 58% of new sales managers never received any training before stepping into their first management position.  Are you one of those managers?  Or a representative that wants to learn the fundamentals of sales management? Even a seasoned manager that wants to sharpen their skills?  Well, you have come to the right place.

Why Skyscraper?  You will have access through the book Skyscraper M.A.N.A.G.E.ment, the Skyscraper Management Academy, and Professional Coaching Services to learn sales management 101 skills and acumen to feel more competent and confidant no matter what your tenure.  Ultimately, building a foundation for a skyscraper of a career in sales management. A career that is limitless and solid. No matter how much training you received at the beginning of your career!



Resources for Sales Managers


New Book

Meghan Clarke’s new book is here!  SKYSCRAPER M.A.N.A.G.E.ment is her comprehensive guide for those that want to get into sales management, first-time or tenured managers. The core principles of sales management are delivered in a step-by-step process that are easy to implement and will produce immediate results.



The SKYSCRAPER M.A.N.A.G.E.ment Academy is Meghan Clarkes’ comprehensive course for first-time or experienced sales managers that want to learn new skills and receive16 proven coaching tools that will take their leadership skills to a new level while making an immediate impact with their team members.



As an ICF ACC accredited coach, Meghan Clarke works with professionals in partnership with the goal of discovering their strengths, in a creative process that inspires individuals to maximize their personal and professional potential.

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Access Three Impactful M.A.N.A.G.E.ment tools to make an immediate impact with your team to drive results, facilitate positive communication and promote a collaborative team culture.




Discover the fundamentals to ultimately build confidence and competence to build a solid career in leadership. Here are the tools, tips, and techniques that serve as a blueprint to build a Skyscraper of a career in M.A.N.A.G.E.ment.

The Book Is Here!


With over half of first-time sales managers never receiving any training, what do the preferred have that sets them apart? 

They have the fundamentals and, ultimately, the confidence to build a solid career in leadership—a foundation to build a Skyscraper of a career in M.A.N.A.G.E.ment.


Through the acronym, M.A.N.A.G.E., the book is divided into six parts (meaning, acumen, nurture, accountability, G.S.D-getting stuff done, and empathy) where core principles of sales management are delivered in a step-by-step process that is easy to implement and will produce immediate results.

Not just for first-time managers, this book is for anyone that wants to strengthen their foundational management skills.


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About Us

Something For You!

I was in your shoes…

Terrified taking on my first sales management position! I was moved across the country to a new state, placed as a first-time sales manager to a team of people I didn’t know, and without one iota of managerial training.

I’m Meghan Clarke. Eleven years later, that terrified first-time manager is a Vice President of Sales at a medical device company, published author, a first-time manager mentor, a certified professional coach, and a speaker.

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Sales Director at Restorative Therapies

“The competencies, resources and characteristics needed to lay your management foundation.”

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You have a situation with a team member and you don’t know where to turn…

Reach out to Meghan Clarke with an arranged meeting here:

Have You Found Yourself in This Situation?

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Call Meghan if you want to GROW in your sales management position!

SKYSCRAPER M.A.N.A.G.E.ment is your blueprint to building a foundation for your sales management career that works for you. 

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